Soal Personal Pronoun Dan Jawaban

Latihan Soal Personal Pronoun

A. Use correct personal pronouns. See the words in brackets.
Example: ___ often reads books. (Lisa)
Answer : She often reads books.

1. ___ is swimming. (George)
2. ___ is green. (the blackboard)
3. ___ are on the wall. (the posters)
4. ___ is running. (the cat)
5. ___ are watching TV. (my mother and I)
6. ___ are in the garden. ( the flowers)
7. ___ is riding his bike. (Tom)
8. ___ is from America. (Susan)
9. ___ has got a sister. (David)
10. ___ have a laptop. (Mike and Stephen)

B. Change the underlined words into a correct objective pronoun

1. The teacher always gives the students homework.
2. I am reading the book for my little sister.
3. The boys are riding their bikes.
4. My father is writing an e-mail to John.
5. I don’t know the answer.
6. Sally is going to Annie.
7. Open the window, please.
8. Can you tell the pople the way to the airport?
9. The books are for Peter.
10. Can you help my sister, please?

C. Fill in the blank with correct possesive adjective

1. I am a student. ___ school os in Pancoran
2. They live in Semarang. ___ house is big and beautiful
3. My mother loves cooking. ___ cake is delicious
4. Look at the cat! ___ eyes are green.
5. Are you new student? Where is ___ classroom?
6. Deni  has a pencil.  ___ pencil case is new.
7. They are my panrents. ___ names are Mr Adi and Mrs Ina
8. Andy has a brother. ___ name is Donny.
9. Alvian and I are at home. We are cleaning ___ house.
10. Rita has two cousins. ___ name is Harry and Shelly.


D. Complete the sentences with the correct possesive pronouns.
1. I have a motorcycle. The motorcycle is ___
2. The books belong to Royyan. They are ___
3. There is a pen undr your desk. Is it ___?
4. I told her my secret, and she told me ___
5. Are those cables the mechanics’? No, they aren’t ___
6. My marker is running out of ink. Can I borrow___?
7. We have three cows. They are ___
8. He has a helmet. That helmet is ___
9. Is this bag Diana’s? Yes, it is ___
10. We havent tested our English yet. Have you tested ___ lately?


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