Pengertian Conditional Sentence Dan Contoh Soal

Conditional Sentences adalah bentuk kalimat bahasa Inggris untuk menyatakan pengandaian. Dalam bahasa Indonesia, kita sering mengucapkan kalimat yang mana tujuannya untuk mengandaikan sesuatu hal yang telah terjadi atau akan terjadi. Conditional sentences terdiri dari 3 type yang mengandaikan situasi dari setiap waktu yang berbeda.

Type I  : it refers to the future. An action in the future will happen if a certain condition is fulfilled by that time. Merupakan conditional sentence dimana result (hasil) dari condition (syarat) ada kemungkinan untuk terwujud di masa depan karena condition-nya masuk akal untuk dipenuhi.

If + S + Verb (present)S + will + Verb1
If clause                             Main clause

1. If we … to London, we …  the Tower.
2. If the shop  … open, I  … a souvenir.
3. If she … the bus, she ….  here on time.
4. He …  me if he …  the answer.
5. Jane …  you in if I  … here.

Type II  :  this sentence express the action which is expected to happen now but it doesn’t happen.  In conditional sentence type 2, we usually use‘were” for all subjects. Merupakan conditional sentence dimana result (hasil) dari condition (syarat) tak memiliki atau hanya sedikit kemungkinan terwujud karena condition-nya tak mungkin dipenuhi di masa sekarang atau sukar dipenuhi di masa depan.

If + S + Verb 2 (past)S + would + Verb1
If clause                        Main clause

1. If you … harder, you would … the exam.
2. If my father … me a new car, I would … happy.
3. If we … good, the coach would … us.
4. I would go and see her if I … you.
5. I would buy an island if I … a lot of money.

Type III  : this sentence express the action which is expected to happen in the past but it didn’t happen. Merupakan conditional sentence dimana result (hasil) dari condition (syarat) tidak memiliki kemungkinan terwujud karena condition-nya harus telah dipenuhi di masa lampau.
If + S + had + Verb (past participle )S + would + have + Verb 3
If clause                                                     Main clause


1. If Budi …. me, I …. emailed the documents.
a. Has ask – Would have
b. Had asked – Would have
c. Has asked – Would have
Jawaban : C

2. If our team had … the match, they would have … up in the league.
a. Won – Moved
b. Win – Moved
c. Winned – Moved
Jawaban : A

3. If I had …. you were coming, I would have prepared a delicious meal.
a. Known
b. Knew
c. Knowed
Jawaban : A

4. They would have played football if the weather had …. nice.
a. Be
b. Being
c. Been
Jawaban : C

5. If they had taken him to hospital earlier, he …..
a. Would have die
b. Would have died
c. Wouldn’t have died 
Jawaban : C

negatif if + condition

Rumus: if…not dapat digantikan dengan unless.

Contoh conditional sentence: if…not dan unless:

Dengan menggunakan rumus negatif if, contoh conditional sentence seperti di bawah ini.

If the students do not understand, they will raise their hand to ask.

Unless the students understand, they will raise their hand to ask. (Jika para siswa tidak mengerti, mereka akan mengangkat tangan untuk bertanya.)


1. Donna : What about your plan for next holiday John?
John : I … go to the beach if my father gives me permission
a. Will
b. Will have
c. Would
d. Would have
Jawaban : A

2. Rossi : If I … Lorenzo last night, I … keep my podium
Roger  : Don’t worry you still have another chance
a. Defeat – will
b. Defeated – will
c. Defeated – would
d. Defeated –would have
Jawaban : C

3. Tyas  : I would prepare my luggage if my visa issued this week
Rony : Ok. If you need my help. I’m ready.
Tyas : Thank you 
From the dialogue we can conclude that …
a. Tyas is ready to go
b. Rony will prepare Tyas luggage
c. Tyas’ visa is not issued yet
d. Rony will help to issue the visa
Jawaban : C

4. Agung  : Rio looks so sad after he broke his relationship with Ayu
Tony : Yes. He … happy, if he married her.
a. Will be
b. Would be
c. Would have been
d. Were
Jawaban: B

5. Eva : Why Biyan didn’t join the party yesterday?
Olla : He … come to the party, if he …on holiday
a. Will – is not
b. Would – had not been 
c. Would – was not
d.  Would have – had not been 
Jawaban : D

6. She could have attended the meeting if she had taken the first train. It means that…
a. She didn’t like the meeting
b. The first train was late.
c. She could not attend the meeting.
d. She stayed at home that day
Jawaban : C

7. Andi : “I am sure he will be successful in his job.”
Reta : “yes of course, if …”
a. He should work hard enough
b. He worked hard enough
c. He works hard enough
d. He had worked hard enough
Jawaban : C

8. “……… he would have eaten half of the cake.”
a. If he is hungry
b. If he was hungry
c. If he would be hungry
d. If he had been hungry
Jawaban : D

9. If you use a city map, you… your destination easily.”
a. Will find
b. Would find
c. Would have found
d. Would found
Jawaban : A

10. “If it doesn’t rain, we … the final match.”
a. Would not cancel
b. Will not cancelled
c. Will not cancel
d. Would not cancel
Jawaban : C

11. He was at lost because he was not well-informed.
So, if she wouldn’t have been lost if …
a. He was  well informed
b. He were well informed
c. He had been well informed
d. He is well informed
Jawaban : C

12. If ……. , I would have met Ariana Grande there.
a. I come to the concert
b. I came to the concert
c. I had came to the concert
d. I had come to the concert
Jawaban : D

13. If you mailed the documents on time, …
a. Our team will not be disqualified.
b. Our team will be disqualified.
c. Our team would not be disqualified.
d. Our team would be disqualified.
Jawaban : C

14. I could have lent you mine, …
a. If I have known that you needed camera.
b. If I knew that you needed camera.
c. If I knew that you need camera.
d. If I know that you need camera.
Jawaban : A

15. You would not need to check your ears, ….
a. If you don’t listen to music too loud so often.
b. If you didn’t listen to music too loud so often.
c. If you had not listen to music too loud so often.
d. If you listen to music too loud so often.
Jawaban : B


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