Latihan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA/K Dan Jawaban

II.  Reading Section
 Choose the most appropriate answer!

1. Ayu : Tell me, what do you do in your spare time, Yudi?
Yudi : ….. I always try a new recipe from the newest Cooking Book
a. I care about Japanese tofu
b. I love eating many kinds of food
c. I enjoy collecting traditional utensils
d. I like preparing the table
Jawaban : B

2. Receptionist : I’m sorry. Ms. Bertha isn’t in the office today
Caller : ………………………………………..
a. Then  I’ll call her back another time
b. OK. Would you like to leave a message?
c. What can I do for you?
d. I think I’ve dialled the wrong number
Jawaban : A

3. Fanny : There will be a student president election on Saturday? Would you like to participate?
Tommy : ……………………. Can we go together, then?
Fanny : Sure, I’ll pick you at ten
a. I’m already busy
b. I’m not sure yet
c. No, thanks
d. Of course
Jawaban : D

4. Doni : The meal was delicious …………….
Dian : Thank you. Have some more desert?
Doni : No, thanks. I already had two pieces of cake
a. How kind you are!
b. What a lovely place!
c. I couldn’t enjoy it.
d. You’re a great cook
Jawaban : D

5. Visitor : Why is this place so dirty?
Host : I’m sorry. ….. . But we’ll clean it as soon as possible
a. It’s not a problem, right?
b. Can you help us clean it?
c. The cleaning service is absent
d. The receptionist will inform you later
Jawaban : C

6. Susan : I can’t find my boots and umbrella … . I really don’t want to go out with them.
Dyah : Come on! You’ve got a rain coat. That’ll keep you dry.
a. I think I’m going to take my rain coat
b. Can you help me look for them?
c. I guess I can put them on now
d. Do you remember when it happened?
Jawaban : B

7. Donita : I feel exhausted today, but the report is due at three
Fikri : …………………………………………
Donita : Thanks. That’s very kind of you
a. You can take a rest later
b. I had better give you a hand, then
c. You ought to finish the report now
d. I have to concentrate on my job, first
Jawaban : B

8. Hanif : I’d like to re-schedule my appoinment with the doctor for next Monday
Receptionist : I’m sorry, but Monday is completely booked
a. If it is still possible 
b. If it were possible
c. Unless the doctor will accept it
d. Unless I can go there
Jawaban : A

9. Danny : It is a good idea that the government prohibit smoking in public places
Pandu : …………………………. It’s awful sitting next to someone smoking
a. I disagree
b. I can’t say so
c. That’s true
d. Probably not
Jawaban : C

10. Ani : Excuse  me, where can I find a bus stop to down town?
Adi : …………….. It’s in front of the laundromat
Ani : Thank you
a. I don’t know
b. Take bus number 15
c. The bus is over there
d. Just across this street
Jawaban : D

11. Man : How often does the train from yogya arrive?
Woman : …………. You can ask the information for the schedule
Man : Thank you
a. It arrived 5 hours ago
b. It usually leaves at three
c. It departs on time
d. It comes every 12 hours
Jawaban : D

12. Ticket service : ……………………………….
Ms. Eva : I want an economy class. Would you give me a seat by the isle
Ticket service : Sure, ma’am, here is your ticket
a. Would you take the business class?
b. What kind a ticket do you need, Ma’am?
c. Where would you like to stay?
d. When would you like to go
Jawaban : B

13. Puspita : The lightning knocked my TV out. …………………..
Ronaldo : Yes. Let me see what’s wrong.
a. Do you think you can fix it?
b. Do you know what happened?
c. Why don’t you buy me a new one?
d. What about taking it to the repair shop?
Jawaban : A

14. Son : When are we going to eat?
Mom : …………… I’m still preparing it
a. We have to find the menu first
b. We should call the waiter
c. We’ll probably have it around six
d. We’ve already reserved a table
Jawaban : C

15. Maria : Did you to go to Ungu’s concert last Saturday night?
Lidia : Yes, …………. I had a great time. You shouldn’t have missed it
a. I admire them
b. I would go there
c. It was fantastic 
d. It sounds terrible
Jawaban : C

You have to choose the best answer A, B, C or D to each question.

Questions 16 and 17 are based on the following memo.

FROM  : Mr.A.Busse
SENT.  : 10:15A.M. Monday, April 10,2006
TO  : Sales Staff
CC  : Mr. D. Off and Ms. R. Fowler
SUBJECT  : Annual Meeting

I am writing to remind you that our annual meeting  will be on Tuesday, April 18. I want everyone to be ready with ideas, strategies, and sales forecast for next year. I will be out of town attending a conference on the new products of LCD projectors in’ Osaka,Wednesday and Thursday. Remember that next Monday is a-holiday. Therefore, should you have something urgent to discuss, please see me on Friday, April 14.
Thank you.

16. Why did Mr. Busse write the letter?
A. To tell them about the new products of LCD.
B. To remind the sales staff about their annual meeting.
C. To discuss something very urgent about a conference.
D. To ask Mr. Off and Ms. Fowler to see him on Friday, April 14:D
Jawaban : B

17. What might the sales staff do after reading the letter? They might …
A. plan how to spend the extended weekend
B. display the new products of LCD projectors
C. see Mr. Busse before he leaves for the conference
D. think about strategies and sales forecast for next
Jawaban : D

Questions 18-19 refer to the following announcement!

Police are trying to locate Miss Elsie Pearson, age 70, who disappeared from Kurnia’s Home for the Elderly on Wednesday night. Miss Pearson is 165 centimeters tall, weighs 100 kilograms, and has short brown hair. She wears thick glasses, has a light complexion, and brown eyes. When last seen she was wearing a short blue jacket, brown slack and black shoes.

18. What is the announcement about?
A. A missing person.
B. A police’s research.
C. Kurnia’s Home for ederly.
D. Miss Pearson’s appearance.
Jawaban : A

19. How is Miss Pearson’s appearance?
A. She’s overweight.
B. She’s ideal weight.
C. She’s slim.
D. She’s Tiny.
Jawaban : A

20. Which statement is true about Miss Pearson?
A. She is an old lady.
B. She was wearing a blue dress.
C. She has brown hair and black eyes.
D. She left Kurnia’s home in the morning.
Jawaban : A

Questions 21-25 refer to the following text.

Almost half of the earth’s population lives in a tropical forest environment which cover an estimated 2000 million hectares, mostly in the developing world. The management of these forest forests is a matter of great __(21)__ for the countries in which the area __(22)__ for not only do they provide timber for lumber and paper, but also will their unique diversity of plant life serve as a renewable source of food, mediciness and fuel __(23)__ they are wisely harvested. Forests also help to regulate the quality and flow of water, an __(24)__ factor in development. They are the home of farmers and hunters, and yield many __(25)__ which are used both by the local people and needed by city dwellers.

21. A.  attraction
B.  intention
D.  importance
E.  reaction
Jawaban : B

22. A.  situated
  B.  removed
  C.  laid
  D.  discovered
  E.  placed
Jawaban : A

23. A.  as
B.  for
C.  if
D.  so
E.  or
Jawaban : C

24. A.  enormous
B.  efficient
C.  entire
D.  external
E.  essential
Jawaban : E

25. A.  producers
B.  products
C.  productively
D.  productivity
E.  productive
Jawaban : B

Following text is for questions 26 – 30

No one knows who invented mechanical clocks. However, the clock __(26)__ can be traced back to the Middle ages in Europe. The earlist clock were actually made by black-smiths. The main principles in the design of these clock, __(27)__ are still used in mechanical clocks today, though moredn closk are much more accurate.
Early clock had no dial, and __(28)__ the time simply by striking a bell. The word c’clock’ in fact, means bell. Before the intervention of clock, a man __(29)__ as a clock-jack used to ring a large bell in a castle or monastery to tell everyone the time. This man was able to __(30)__ the time by means of a sundial or a glass containing sand.

26. A.  industry
B.  company
C.  fabrication
D.  installation
E.  procedure
Jawaban : A

27. A.  moreover
B.  besides
C.  therefore
D.  however
E.  consequently
Jawaban : D

28. A.  stated
B.  assumed
C.  predicated
D.  mentioned
E.  indicated
Jawaban : E

29. A.  called
B.  known
C.  used
D.  noticed
E.  grown
Jawaban : A

30. A.  estimate
B.  estimation
C.  estimator
D.  estimated
E.  estimating
Jawaban : A


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