Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 5 Orang Tentang Sampah Plastik

Naskah Drama Bahasa Inggris 5 Orang Tentang Sampah Plastik

(Jessy joging with jenifer)
Jessy                : i’m tired jen
Jenifer             : just a little more katty
                        (put on a shoelace)~ ketty
jenifer              : i’m first katty
                        (cristian and Alex ,intentionally thore a bottle)
jessy                : excuse me it yours.
                        If all people have character like you may this world be sea of trash.
                        (jessy run out)
                        jessy objected to bringing a trash than meet cristian. Cristian help jessy
cristian             : can I help you bring the trash.
Jessy                : quiet(cristian take a trash)
Naration : Plastic is susbtance that has no value in it, so many plastic in the world and majority of people doesn’t cares about it. They didn’t understand plastic can be problem in the future. Plastic can affect human, it can be disease on human, lot of plastic problems, not only affect human but, can affect environment too. Plastic will increase over time but people doesn’t actually cares about it.
(tomorrow in the school katty want to go home, waiting pick up) go home with cristian drive a motorcycle( jessy smiling)
in the library, jessy study with cristian.
Cristian            : since when did you care about trash ?
Jessy                : since I know, low awerness of people about trash.
Cristian            : so what is your step improve awerene of peoples about a tresh?
Jessy                : I have no idea
cristian             : how if we create a community of fighting plastic trash.
Jessy                : that a good idea
cristian             : so what your ways to invite our friend to join the community
                        (invite friend to community)
Cristian            : (Meet Alex) : Hey !, Where you wanna go ?
Alex                : I have no Idea, Just walk and find a fresh air. Can I help you something ?
Cristian            : Yeah,I wanna invite you. If you want to help me
Alex                : Invite ? What is ?
Cristian            : I was made a community to fighting a plastic trash. So, did you want to join us ?
Alex                : What ? Plastic trash ?, I never care about plastic trash. I don’t have time to cares about plastic and its so dirty I don’t like.
Cristian            : Its ok, I will invite other friends
Alex                : Ok, and look this (Kick a bottle)
                        (not intentionaly meet in the canteen than asking about member)
cristian             : have you got lunch?
Jessy                : yeah, by the way, how many our member now?
Cristian            : just a little bit, how if we hangout in community?
Jessy                : yeah I can
cristian             : oke. Tell to all member.
Jessy                : oke bye
 (member of fighting plastic trash community)
jenifer              : has everyone gathered?
Laura               : not yet, there are still on the way.
(michele come late)
michele            : I am sorry friend I’m late because ver trafic
kevin               : hello guys, I’m sorry I’m late
michele            : It’s okay vin
cristia               : because all member was gatherd. You know around our area has low awerenes of                         plastic trash. Did you have any idea? For our program ahead
kevin               : how if we hold social services?
Michele           : oh social sercvice good idea. But we want do it where?
Laura               : how if we do it around bangli and then the trash recycle to be hand craft
jessy                : yeah, anyone have another advice?
Jordan             : Wait a minute !, What Will we do of useless plastic ?
Jennifer           : In my opinion, useless plastic can we make ecobrick. Ecobrick is useless plastic can                      we put it in the bottle. And we can make something from that like chair or desk
(Social Services)
Alex                : (Looking community do social services)(Throw trash with his key)(Go away)
Jennifer           : (Looking for trash)
Alex                : (Wanna go home and find a key but he miss his key)
Jennifer           : Excusme, You look so confuse. Can I help you ?
Alex                : Yeah, I lost my key. I forgot where I put it
Jennifer           : Ohh, Its yours ?
Alex                : Haa, yeah that is, where you found it ?
(Flashback)(Jennifer found it on the trash)
Alex                : Yeah, I just throw away trash and I don’t know my key throwed too
Jennifer           : We must care about environment, If all people like you what happened to our                               environment? You must awareness to environment, Only we can safe our                                        environment
Alex                : Oh, I’m sorry… Whats your name ? (introduce)
Jennifer           : I’m Jennifer
Alex                : Alex
(ending)(all members work)(Take trash, recyle trash, handcrafts, drawing)(back to phone)
Naration : From this we know that we must change our character to be good person who always cares about our environment, Let’s we prepare our self to bright future without plastic trash, God has give green environment and let’s we save together.

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